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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  June 8, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. one last cool night because it's about to heat up. how hot? the weekend forecast straight ahead. >> it's the first weekend of operations for maryland live. is the casino ready for the crowd because they are coming. we have a live report. >> time to limbo. helping homeless students in the area. >> getting the really low ball offers. >> those low ball offers could mean a great vacation deal. tips on buying selling time shares. >> we start with a live look over the inner harbor tonight. a clear night. still a little cooler than usual but don't get used to it because that's about to change. wyatt is here and i guess summer is about to make a come back. >> i would say so. we felt it this afternoon but got a clear and cool night out
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there. crystal clear on the most powerful radar. all sweeps scan clear. humidity moderate. no so bad. we will be able to cool off. 78 in the inner harbor. most spots into the low 70s and mid60's toward cambridge but a hotter day tomorrow. we climb to 90 by 4 and this is just the beginning. we will talk about sunday coming up. >> this is the first weekend for the casino. we are there live now with a look at how things are going tonight. what's happening? >> reporter: one of the concerns was tracking, especially after wednesday night. opening night where it took really long to get here to maryland live and also to get away from it when it was over. tonight not so bad. i got here on 295 and route 100 pretty easy but the second issue is that once agitato maryland live there is still a long line outside and it's
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still here at 11:00. once you are here you aren't inside yet. the first thing you see is the line. >> i expected a big crowd but not such a long wait. >> reporter: that's just one of the lines to get into the new casino, this is the other one. members of the betting public waited up to an hour and a half to get in. then they are greeted more than 3,000 slot machines. >> not to good at first. but doing okay now. >> reporter: officials say they aren't concerned the long lines may scare away potential customers. >> i think there are people that will say i will wait until it calms down which is perfectly fine and then it the people that are come that just want to be part of this historic event. >> reporter: they say more than 20,000 people have come to maryland live in just the first three days, some of them they say from out of state. >> we have been getting people
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from as far north as new york, and as south as north carolina. >> reporter: we didn't find to many out of staters in the lines but for will smith of virginia. it took him two hours to get here. the question, will he come back? >> depends on how today goes. we will see. got a budget. >> reporter: we will see. i asked that official whether they have any kind of program like a vip program or a valet program and he said not yet. tonight is also going to be the first night that they are going to be open until 4:00 a.m., 4:00 a.m. is closing time on friday night to saturday night. saturday morning and sunday morning. we will see how that goes as well. live, abc 2news. >> i will have another won't have another race ever. the odds on favor to win the triple crown will scratch from the race tomorrow. he wan ran to wins in the
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stakes here last month. today his owner and trainer decided to pull him because of problems with a leg. >> just a freak thing. he has been showing a little bit of -- he has been a little quiet the last few days but his legs have been great. yesterday he ran great but in the afternoon we noticed some loss of definition in his left front leg. >> the horse will sort of be at the race in a way. tomorrow he will be used as an escort horse to guide the others in the race to the starting line. the last time a horse won the triple crown was in 1978. recently we learned of the number of homeless children that has more than doubled since the recession started. brian continues his report onto new face of homelessness . >> reporter: at any school at
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the end of any day the parking lot stages a [inaudible] cars and moms and heading home. for demarco and tyrone their trip home is complicated. they walk away from school to a park nearby. >> like we are going unplanned. like we don't know what will happen next. >> reporter: they don't know what's going to happen. those three boys are homeless. they have moved six times in 11 months, one place less stable than the next. so every day after school they come here to a playground near the last apartment they were able to call home and it's here they wait unsupervisorred, nobody looking out for them for their grandmother to finally
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get off work, sometimes that's for more than six hours. >> i think like when -- i see my mom, i look around,. >> look for her car. >> [inaudible], hungry. >> reporter: sometimes he sits when he is bored out here and he waits to see a car pull up. >> he does. >> reporter: does that hurt you? >> yes. i don't know what else to do. should i give up my job? then how can i help him? >> reporter: darlene is the boy's grandmother. she ended up with four of them after her daughter was centa way for burglary. she cammed them into this apartment until her 12-dollar an hour salary as a caregiver was stretched to thin.
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paid on friday she is often out of money by tuesday. she and the boys were evicted the children now part of more than 14,000 maryland school chirp children who are homeless. until night fall, it is then that the 53-year-old grandmother drives them to a washington apartment still in the name of their mother. when options ran out the oldest remembered the key to this place 25 miles away, their they are squatting here. >> if they come tomorrow and say we have to move we won't have nowhere to go. we will be on the street. >> reporter: the streets would make it seven places in 11 months. to much for a 10-year-old to count. >> places i have been at even at chesapeake inn,.
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>> reporter: instability. >> transfer schools. >> reporter: and the deck may shuffle again. a letter showed up today threatening eviction. this could be gone tomorrow. >> yes. it could. i just -- put my faith in god. i mean, i don't know. i really don't know. hopefully that something will come up soon. >> reporter: they are taking the total of her two week's vacation to try. this grandmother is raising children again and is looking to end this trip in which they never quite get home. abc 2news. >> to help understand the problem we checked the maryland state department of many indication and 42 say in the last year the number of
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homeless students has gone to over 14,000. the largest increases are in the suburbs, howard and baltimore have all seen larger increases than baltimore city. the teachers in wood side couldn't end the school year and forget about the students who need them the most so tonight they danced to help students get permanent housing. >> reporter: our story first aired at five tonight. we were at mother's and federal hill and the phones there lit up. a landlord said she has an apartment available in baltimore city so the school is trying to connect her with the grandmother. june. playing for students in
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limbo. teachers having haven't closed the chapter on this school year. students left for summer break with no home. >> i went home and couldn't get them out of my mind and i needed to do something. >> reporter: so she worked the staff to organize a benefit at mother's in federal hill. seven families are homeless at the school. siblings are being shuffled from a temporary apartment to the area. they say all they wants to put their feet on the ground. >> i just want a place to live where i can stay there and go to the same school every year. >> reporter: it's their first year here and they want to come back. their mom is in jail. grandma trying to make ends meet but she was evicted. all the odds are stacked against the kids, still they excel. >> they are just -- they have that passion and music. they come in, sing, they play, they are just excited to be at school. >> these students try so hard.
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they give it their all every day. >> reporter: the teachers and the community are excited to give it their all. >> you want one? >> yes. >> reporter: they laid down money knowing will help feed and clothe their students, most kids want the school year to end. not them. >> our last transfer was yesterday and theya -- [inaudible] and they didn't want to. they wanted to stay. >> reporter: all this and the kids have done really well. tyrone made honor roll. his brother got an achiefment award. the school a title one school with over 50% of the students below poverty so they plan to dot benefit every year. >> to find how to help homeless families log on to the website. you will find a link on the home page.
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the olympics in full swing, hundreds of children will head over to townsend this weekend for the special olympics maryland summer games, about 1400 will compete in several sports. they are all fired up and ready to go. >> seeing other people and talking to them. >> what is your sport? >> swimming. >> will you be the best? >> yes. >> good. are you super excited? >> yes. >> good. >> they will be held at different spot around the campus. all of events are open to the public. the summer games in their 42nd year. coming up looking for a cheap get away? have you thought about trying to buy a time share? not as expensive as you may think. some are going for a dollar. we work for you with time share
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tips. >> they may be busy this weekend. hotter conditions already moving in. we will talk about how hot it gets by the end of the weekend coming up. >> and you have heard the words that participating locations near you and all the other legal things. what that really means when we come back.
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. new tonight we are getting a firsthand look at video out of a syrian town where a massacre happened. the government killed 80 people, trying to keep down an up rice aring but they say activists behind it. the un tried to get in but were attacked. they say they found body parts and damaged homes in the village. closer to home. the president talked to the media about the economy. he said there is still a lot of work to do, that the private sector is doing well but the public sector is hurting . >> the private sector is doing finw. he are seeing weaknesses, in
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the economy, had to do with state and local government,. >> the president clarified this by saying there is good momentum in the private sector but i said he knows it needs to be stronger but to late. republicans called him out of touch. >> it's an extraordinary misunderstanding by a president who is out of touch. >> the president also talked about financial problems overseas. he said leaders needed to stop their debt problems to stop the global crisis some have fear ford years. we work for you tonight you see an ad for an amazing special at your favorite restaurant and at end it says participating locations. chain restaurants add that for legal reasons, the store is independently owned they don't have to participate. most of the stores are found in airports so you may not get that deal. if someone made the offer offer to get your vacation home
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for free or just for a dollar, you would jump on that right? well in this economy sometimes people are doing just that, give away their vacation homes sort. sometimes they still can't get rid of them. goosies has the warning. >> reporter: irene'sa new york city time share has been on the market for a decade. she paid 24,000 to use a room like this one week a year but hasn't come close to breaking even selling it. >> getting these really low ball offers. >> reporter: that's because so many time shares currently for sale. one time share resale site red said for sale by owner listings have increased 120% in the past year. users seeing the same thing. >> when you have industry that has more sellers than buyers it's going to depress the sale
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price. >> reporter: time share buyers pay up front for the rights to use the same hotel, resort or condo year after year. some say they are lead to believe it would increase in value but the reality is very different. in the economy many can no long era ford the maintenance fees and they have to sell at outrageously low prices. >> you are finding people who have tried to -- already discounted them up to 99% off and in many cases giving it away. >> reporter: a former time share owner sold his for one dollar. he couldn't afford the maintenance fees and if he didn't pait would have affected his c. >> it was a big relief. >> reporter: the american resort and development association wouldn't appear on camera but insists the time shares aren't a real estate investment. prime share consultant says most time shares don't increase in value. instead you are paying advance
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for a place to stay. >> if you have to united states worth investment think of it as investment in your future vacation. . >> reporter: if that sounds like a fit and you don't mind the fees you can get one for cheap but not from irene. she is going to hold onto her unit hoping the market improves. >> my interest is recouping as much of my money as i can. >> reporter: abc 2news. >> now if you want to sell one try renting it out. ask the resort to buy it back for if they have a resale program try that. never, ever pay a company who calls you and claims they have a buyer lined up and asks you to send them closing costs in advance. that is a scam. >> now, maryland's maryland's weather. >> its quiet here. 68 degrees right now.
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comfortable stuff. humidity is low for now. there will be changes. beautiful day. ails great one. busy down at beach and we are getting started. the last decade of maryland tornadoes, its been active since 2001. we have videos going back to college park, you maim it. radar clear tonight. no severe weather concerns and cooling off moreover night. winds turning south the rest of the weekend. that will do two things, increase the temperatures and pump up the humidity values.
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just passing clouds for now. weather pretty quiet. there is some unsettled weather to the north and perhaps into some of that by monday but in the meantime high pressure will control. that means dry weather, sink air, more sun and this air mass will keep changing, getting hotter each day. it'll arrive as the high moves off shore on sunday. looking at more humid conditions for the second half of the weekend. our trend is clear on saturday, go from saturday to sunday however you see this little area of unsettled weather, that's a back door cold front. we could see potentially northeast maryland. cecil, hartford. maybe a shower or storm. the main weather continues to be north. points way north for new england adventure. again, none of that around here. overnight 62 with clear sykes, stay mild, stay nice, tomorrow
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90, mostly sunny. how about tomorrow night? a few clouds on the west breeze. here is the outlook. things get hotter and more humid for the second half of the weekend. a lot of people don't mind 90 degrees but when you add that humidity things change. sweat onto brow. >> and that's going to be a deal sunday monday. looks unsettled. prevent like a major heat up. >> we can use rain. >> apparently a high wire walk just wasn't good enough. what nick is up to now. here is cynthia with a look at night line. >> roosevelt coming up he told the judges of america's got talent he was wounded fighting in afghanistan. but the army said it never happened. tonight he tries to explain. and the strange story of a
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young couple a yoga retreat and a mysterious death. that's coming unon night line after the news at 11.
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. do you remember this guy? the guy that walked over the tight rope over the inner hear bo? he will be at it again but in a big way. he will attempt to cross niagara falls. the whole thing on prime time tv. he will walk 1500 feet balancing 200 feet above the water? why does he do it? >> its been a dream of mine for a long time and i'm one of those who always tries to over achieve. i want to do more, bigger things, excite things. >> the falls, slowly he walks
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step by step. any way. he said he has no fear of heights. comes a family of dare devils. . >> that's hard. >> good luck. >> one last look at the forecast. >> tight rope walking no. >> it was a nice finish to the day. townsend. thank you. very nice shot. finishing with a few high thin clouds, as we go in to the day tomorrow, up to around 90 degrees. a dry heat that. will change on sunday though. we do look for the humidity to climb good deal. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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